Life Goes On

I just got off the phone with my neurologist, and he confirmed the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I had elevation in all three markers for the disease in my spinal fluid. I have a referral to the Harvard MS Clinic at the Brigham in Boston where I'll go for a second opinion. I'm not likely to get in there for months though so until then I'll be doing three days of Solu-Medrol infusions at the hospital, starting tomorrow. Starting Friday I'll be doing daily injections of Copoxone, one of the disease modifying drugs. Some people have really amazing luck with Copoxone, and 10% of folks don't have another relapse of MS for more than five years, so keep your fingers crossed that I'm one of those people. Hazel will be in Kindegarten!

And, since babies don't wait for these stupid grown-up problems to pass before they carry on with their lives, Hazel cut her first tooth today. And what a fine tooth it is! Beautifulandperfect, just like her.


Little Miss Maia said...

Way to go Hazel--start chompin!!

I'm glad to hear that the current treatments are so effective (though it sucks that they're injectables, ugh!). They really have come a long way with therapies for autoimmune disorders. I will absolutely keep my fingers crossed that you're in that 10%!

Jaymee said...

Yay Hazel your very first tooth.

I am keeping everything crossed for a great outcome. HUGS

Xenu said...


I found you via Lisa at Brass and Ivory.

I'm going to add your blog to my list of links.


AlePancha said...

Hurray for that tooth!!
Hurray for all those hopefull drugs!

All 20 fingers crossed for ya Amanda!

Hanna's Mommy said...

I am glad things are starting to look more positive for you. I've been thinking of you and Hazel and hoping for a good outcome.

Bailey and Logan said...

Yay, Hazel! Great job on the tooth.

Still praying, Amanda. Keep us updated via Babyfit/your blog.

- Meg (goin4-2)

Chaz said...

Hi Amanda...I don't know you, but my partner has a blog on here and has found much support from others in similar situations.

He was diagnosed just before his 30th birthday this year and has been on copaxone and has done well.

In any event, he also goes to the MS Clinic at BWH and loves it. He was on a waiting list and was going to have to wait 4 months. He kept calling every other day and finally got an appointment after only waiting two weeks. I suggest you call all the time. Eventually you'll hit the jackpot and find a cancellation.

Best of luck and chin-up!

HeatherNSteve said...

yea HAZEL!! were still toothless here at EIGHT months. yikes. try to get a pic of it!!!

although it sucks to get the confirmed diagnosis, at least now you know what your dealing with and hopefully the meds will help. we'll be keeping you in our prayers...love to you!!

eggorchicken said...

Yay for the tooth - way to go little Hazel!

As for your diagnosis, I'm so sorry - wish you all the best with the meds and 2nd opinion!

Biggest hugs,


Anonymous said...

So glad that her first tooth popped through. She is a beauty.

Thinking you and shooting for that 10%. All the best to you.

SproutzMom (Babyfit - 02/08)

jammeh-babyfit said...

Yay for Hazel and her tooth!!!

Amanda,I'm so sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but hopefully all of the new treatments will help with a very SLOW progression. I'm thinking of you.


thedaythatidie said...

hello there. can i add your blog to my site? i agree, life really does go on whichever way you look at it. and it's like you are given no other choice than go on.