Just a couple of pictures from Easter.  We went down to Rhode Island so all the cousins could participate in the first annual Donovan-Kirkpatrick Easter Egg Hunt.  Since the kiddos are all pretty little, the eggs were just scattered all over the lawn.  Hazel won an awesome duck wattering can to use in her garden.  As soon as these kids get a bit bigger, one of the eggs will have fifty bucks in it and we will just laugh as we watch them tear each other apart over it.  It's a fmaily tradition, and it's time for the next generation now.  We spent the day with Grammy and Grampy Donovan, Uncle Jeremy, Uncle Pat, John, Lisse, Annabelle, Cecelia, Brian, Jen, Owen, Lorna, Linda and a bunch of Lisse and John's neighbors and friends.  Lots of kiddos...lots of wine.

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