Hazel Gets Her Hair Did

The "before" shot- a crazy mess hanging in the eyes

"Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them."

The first snip!

All done!  We just trimmed her bangs a bit.  I like it long and shaggy, and I love her curls in back.  She is still growing out her ICU bald spot a bit, so I didn't want to cut the back until it has sort of blended in a little bit more.  She just needed to be cleaned up a little bit.



Brenna said...

It looks adorable, and she didn't seem to mind a bit! I do love messy and tousled, but once it starts impairing their depth perception, a chop is due.

Elizabeth said...

I love this! I just cut my baby's bangs today but like you I left the back intact :-) Her hair was hanging almost to the tip of her nose! Hazel is so cute.