Hazel Takes Washington....Twice

So, like I said earlier, the stars aligned and the Donovan's took three separate trips to Washington DC in the month of April, two of which Hazel was on.  The first was a quick family vacation, and the second was for the MS walk with friends.  We were lucky (?) that our first trip coincided with the cherry blossoms, which were quite beautiful, but the District was also pretty overwhelmed with tourists, too.  Hazel enjoyed herself, but travelling with a toddler is certainly a different experience than traveling with a baby.  She did great on the flight, no screaming or yelling, but was so interested in every single thing that it was hard to contain her.  She wanted to take everything out of the seat pockets, say HI to every passenger, and march up and down the aisle.  I didn't get any pictures from her flights, since my hands and brain were full trying to keep her under control, but the mental picture I have of her looking out the window and yelling, "VROOM VROOM!" is priceless.

Hazel and mama in The District

First carousel ride.  It didn't go over as well as I had hoped.


Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Longer lines than Space Mountain

Waving at the rays at the National Zoo

I have very mixed feelings about pachyderm exhibits in zoos.  Hazel was mostly confused, too.

Mount Vernon was also terribly crowded, so we didn't get to see inside the main house, but it was a beautiful day, so we just chilaxed on the lawn.

The outside of the house was cool...

Visiting friends in Adams Morgan

Quincy was so good at smiling for the camera!

Hazel falling apart around three hours past her bedtime.  She was a trooper.

Cherry blossoms on the Potomac.

Looking down the Mall

My uncle, Gary Ray Townsend

Hazel with her Uncle Gary

Washington trip number two!  Hazel and I flew down and stayed with our friend Heather (in the middle) and her son Zach who was born the same month as Hazel.  On the right is Leanne and her daughter Lexi, who is another February 2008 baby!

Our Walk MS Team!  From the left, Kim and her daughters (Shaleah is Hazel's age), Wendy and her daughter Regan, Leanne and her daughter Lexi, Me and Hazel, Heather and her son Zach.  Despite the 90+ degree Virginia heat, we had a blast walking together.  Hopefully we can do it every year.  All together, between both MS walks, Hazel raised just over $4100!  I'm so proud of that kid...

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julie said...

How very cool that the Babyfit mommas walked with you...wish I lived REMOTELY close by. Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)