One day, and Some Birthday Fun

We went to cousin Owen's second birthday last month- un-freaking-believable that it's already been a year since the first one.  Hazel fell in love with this little buggy, and because her feet didn't touch the ground to mover herself around, Sucker Mama pushed her all over the play space for most of the party.  It was pretty awesome for her.  She is really into mechanical things right now- her Legos are her favorite toy that she can play with for an hour straight.  She loves anything with wheels and anything that moves.  I'm going to have to become one of those mothers that pushes the car-carriage hybrid at the grocery store very soon.  I always hated those things, but now I can appreciate the genius behind it.  Anyway, this was one of those times where she had to be forcibly extracted from the buggy as the play space employees flickered the lights on and off.  I had to carry her out under my arm, legs flailing, screaming bloody murder.  I secretly love it.

Just some pictures of my kid hanging around the house looking cute.  Playing with the dog dishes.

This!  This picture stops my heart.  This is her smile that slays me.


Jaymee said...

that smile could melt the grinch's heart. she is such a little beauty, and growing way too fast.

Dazzled by my boys said...

That last picture is beautiful! Such a gorgeous smile!