So...What Exactly Have You Been Doing?

Hazel and her friend Matea gettgin busy at some playing down in Rhode Island.

My vegetarian daughter is already rebelling.

Caught!  Hazel and Matea getting in trouble.

Laurie and I couldn't wait to take the girls to Costco because they have double carriages!  We told everyone they were twins.  It was great until Magnolia got into hair-pulling.

Getting familliar with a drum kit.

Having fun making noise.

Mama-Jen in the puppet theatre!

Tiger show.

Watching in awe.

The birthday girl!  Magnolia turns ONE!

Laurie could take Magnolia to the "gun show" with those arms.

"La la la la la la laaaaaa"

Mama Jen and Beatrice Rosemary Crankpants.

Polish Barbie birthday cake at Magnolia's party!

Close up of Polish Barbie

Playing in the tunnel for hours.

Anson wondering if it's safe for him to go in.

Mama Laurie snacking on a Beatrice thigh- her favorite part.

Hazel's first steps!!!


Learning to ride with Scott

Blessed with a visit from my oldest friend in the world.

Hazel deciding that she wants to be in, too.  Right before she grabbed Anson's shirt and dragged him out.

Hazel claimes her prize. 

Vacuuming up the Pirates Booty that Hazel dumped all over Mama Tina's leg.

Riding into the sunset!

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