Hazel just said, "Oh, crap."  It's her second phrase, her first being, "Hi, dada".  I was picking cheese out of her hair and she repeated me.  Guess it's time that I start to (try to) clean up my mouth.

Her other words for now are;

cup (cu)
dog (dug)
woof (wffffff fffff)
hi (hhhiiiiiieeeee)
cat (ca)
that (dat)
no (nai nai nai)


Brenna said...

So cute, and they do get dangerous with the language! We'll be at this 'watching the mouth' phase shortly. I need to post what Anna's been saying on my own blog before I forget. Or I could, you know, write it down.

Brenna said...

I'm sure there's a way to email you someplace, but I've to 5 minutes before I have to go to training for my new job and wanted to say your dunkin donuts card commend SLAYED ME! I'm cracking up alone in this hotel room (missing my kid!) Thank you. B