This is my aura! Cool, right? Yellow and orange with threads of green, and a yellow orb over my chest. When I find the results they gave me, I can give more detail, but essentially these are what the colors mean:

Green is restful, a natural healing energy. All healers should have green auras, they make great doctors! Just being around a person with a strong green aura feels restful and healing.

Yellow is a joyful color, the color of a true free spirit. These people are very generous- they are not attached to anything. A yellow halo is a sign of a true spiritual teacher- Jesus, Budha and the saints all had large, bright yellow auras around their heads. It indicates a person who has found enlightenment.

Orange is a sign of power, and a desire to control people. It can also be inspiring, and can contribute to a yellow halo for a person who has a strong spiritual inclination. Spiritual leaders have this combination.


kerry said...

That's awesome! I want to see mine!

Karen said...

where did you get that done I must go!!!