Hazel and Friends

As always, Hazel's social calender has been chock full of play. Here are some pictures of her with her friends on a few different days.

Left to right: Beatrice Rosemary, Liam, Anson and Hazel

This is the closest to meat that Hazel is going to see until she can make her own burger.

Playing on the Pilates ball with Liam.


Feeding breadcrumbs to the pigeons at the park.

Cute butts. Liam, Hazel and Anson.

Hazel Ana and Beatrice Rosemary

Finally I got them to both look and smile at the same time!

This is Stephen. He came out of the womb with this hair, and he is the sweetest boy.

Hazel and Liam

This is Hazel's Michael Vick chew toy. It is really supposed to be for the dogs, but they would destroy it in a second, so I gave it to Hazel instead. She sort of loves him, and chews on his head a lot.



Magoon Family said...

Love those pictures! The ones of all the babies together are my favorite :)

HeatherNSteve said...

OMG. Hazel is the CUTEST GIRL EVER!!!! AH!!!! i love it. i was looking through the pics on FB and i thought it was HILARIOUS she had a different fake meat in her mouth in every one! vegetarian girl! lol. too cute. she is just a freakin doll! (sorry about the insane amount of exclam. points, haha)