More Playdate Pictures

Have I mentioned that I can't stand the term "playdate"?? And that Hazel is a vegetarian?

Hazel licking that other baby who lives in the mirror.

Hazel working on a slice of plastic bologna.

Hazel working on a plastic strawberry.

Hazel getting her hair did by Kristen.

Continuing to work on the strawberry.

Hazel has successfully crammed the plastic strawberry into her mouth where she can store it for future use.

Hazel working on a strip of plastic bacon.

Hazel about to tuck into a plastic bacon double cheeseburger.

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Brenna said...

I'm laughing - Anna totally licks the other baby in the mirror (in the swank full-length mirrored closet doors in our bedroom. Queue baw-chikka-baw music). I love Hazel's laid back fashion sense.