A Shout Out and Some Pictures

I have to give a shout out to someone, but I'm a terrible person and have already forgotten her name! What I have not forgotten was her beautiful daughter Sadie. Today while looking at a six-dollar scarf in H&M, a woman approached me and said, "Sorry to bother you, but is that Hazel?" Ha! She has been reading this blog, and was touched by Hazel's story. It was so funny talking to her, but she was so nice to come up and say hello! So if you read this, cutie-Sadie's mama, then hi! and thanks for caring about my daughters little throat. I love that.

Here are some pictures I have been holding onto for a little while, meaning to post. Enjoy!

Watching the Inauguration!

Laying her head down next to dada's.

This smile slays me.

Hazels little friend Estelle giving her a bottle. Hazel's parents Ben and Cristina came for a visit, and Estelle was psyched to see Hazel Baby.

Look at them playing together! Like old friends.

This was the rocking horse that my Aunt Audrey got for me when I was a baby. It then went to my brother (Yes! I have a brother!), then to my cousin Michelle, Cousin Isabelle, Cousin Aram, and then back to my daughter Hazel.

Hazel is going to play guitar in an old-time string band.

I can't take any pictures of this kid anymore. She hears the camera open with her dog-ears from a mile away and before I know it, she is ON ME.

Ah. We are trying to make the transition to The Cup. It's going......well.....?

Be still my heart.

I love to sniff her head when she lets me.

Oh! Don't you love the button-flap butt?? Jamie has a matching pair.

THIS is my daughter. I love saying that. Look at those curls starting to come out. Look at her little hippy shirt. Look at her hard at work. I'm having a really hard time with her upcoming birthday. Don't get me started- I don't know that I can even type about it without sobbing. She just looks like such a toddler here.

Annoyingly, this is the best I could do removing the red-eye. This is otherwise the look I see a million times a day when I tell her to stop doing something. She is such a flirt.


AlePancha said...

Too much for words I guess.
There's no way we could say what our hearts beat now that we've had them for so long (an so little)...
Hazel, you are so beautiful baby.
We love you very much.

Jessie Reardon said...

Hi! This is Jessie (who you met in the mall), Sadie's mom. I'm so touched that Sadie and I got a shout out in your blog! It was nice to meet you two- Hazel is so adorable- I am so glad I went up to you guys :) Hope Hazel's health continues to improve, and I'll keep checking in on her. Stay well!

Jessie & Sadie

Brenna said...

Have not yet gotten teary over the upcoming b-day, though the guest list is coming together. So I guess I'm busying myself with the details instead of bawling.

Feel free to disregard this in the pile of "unsolicited advice" but Anna took best to a Gerber sippy cup from Target with a soft nub. It has frogs on it and a green top.

Hazel is such a beautiful girl, looking so well and so big!

HeatherNSteve said...

love love LOVE all the pics! i just love that sweater she is wearing. Your right, she does look like SUCH a toddler. BOOHOO!!!! I also love her curls! they are so girly and adorable. just precious. she is just too much! hug and love on her extra for me!!!!!