This is where it all began...

In early labor on the day you were born.


We were still attached

Your first breath, my first look in your eyes.

Your first kiss.



We thought we loved you as much as we could then, but our hearts are bursting more every day of your life.

Swollen, puffy, tired. Quiet alert.



Jamie said...

Oh Hazel! Oh Amanda! I never imagined life could be so good. Never.

AlePancha said...

What a beautiful picture sequence. Proud is perfect.
And on a "p" effort I'd add powerful and perfect.

Here's to being able to bring to life.

Kendra said...

Hazel will be able to read the most amazing baby book ever, filled with love, hope and heart.

Tarisa said...

I feel like such an intruder, to comment on such a beautiful and personal piece, but again, am so compelled to tell you how beautiful your writing-no-your story, and your family is. Happiest Birthday Hazel! I hope your eastern Spring is as beautiful as you are!