More Crazy Pictures

Oh how we have been behind on blogging! Things have been nutty here with yet another gift-free birthday party/ fundraiser for Children's Hospital that we did for Hazel's family, and Jamie's nine day nose-bleed. Yes, you read that right and yes, he has already been to the doctor and the hospital and yes, he is feeling better but things just became a bit messy around here this week. So like I said, last Thursday was Hazel's actual birthday and we put her in her semi-formal tutu and went off to our mother's group at Beverly Hospital that we have ben attending since Hazel was just two weeks old. We then went to our friend Patty's house with some of the babies and ate food and drank wine all afternoon. A good time was had by all, certainly. I'm only now getting around to posting pictures of Hazel on her actual birthday.

The day before her birthday, inspecting the big box that arrived for her.

A pretty fun box!

Starting our new tradition of taking a picture of the birthday girl when she wakes up on her day. This is Hazel waiting patiently for mama to come rescue her from her cage in the morning.


Warming up to the idea of a birthday.

Hazel's birthday outfit- semi-formal tutu, "President, NOT Princess" shirt and stripped tights.

The beautiful Jen and Bea.

Snacking in the Neurotic Mothers Group

Playdate/ cocktail party at Patty's- Hazel was on the move the whole time.

Making a snack of Hazel's semi-formal tutu.

I love this picture- Hazel and Sean-Adam getting caught red-handed in the kitchen.

And I love this video! Unfortunately, I only caught the tail end of Hazel and Matthews conversation, and there is a lot of loud chatter in the background, but I caught enough of it to make it worthwhile (at least I think so). They kept this up for some time, "RAW RAW RAW." "raw raw raw." So funny- there was inflection and gesture and everything.


Jaymee said...

Hazel, You look like such a big girl sitting on that box. I cannot believe that it has been over a year since you came into all our lives. You have transformed your momma. Give her a huge hug and kiss from Jaymee and Kenya!

anna said...

Very cute pictures!

She looks beautiful in all of them!