Birthday Party Pictures

Hazel love, these are just some of the people who love you! They came from all over to celebrate your birthday with you, and we all had so much fun together.

Christy, our old neighbor in Beverly. In the back is Wally holding Owen.

Hazel's tutu!

Jillian and Nathan


Janel with Nolan and Adaleigh

This is you, searching for a forgotten pacifier in someones carseat.


Magnolia, your BFF.

Dada, letting you get a taste of his beer.

Your cake! Chocolate with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting.

Scott and Anson

Jen and Beatrice

Your beautiful, strong legs.


Thanks to Adam, this is the first time that you walked with support, and you walked all over the house!

Considering what to do with this strange thing.

You sucked on the cake for a while, then just smeared it all over.


Sharing with dada.

"All done!"

With Kelly and Magnolia

Poor Magnolia was begging for cake. She ended up picking pieces off of your arm, and eating off the floor. It was heartbreaking. But the roles will be reversed at her birthday party next month.

Relaxing after the guests left. You were never so tired in your life, but we had to force some real food into you before bed. We forgot to pull out your fancy party hat, so we wanted to get a picture of you in it before bed...

...but you were not amused.

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Jaymee said...

hazel, that last picture PROVES that you are your mother's child. that look belongs to her, as much as you.